Hey loves! My name is Cristal. As you know I have a passion for fashion, staying fit, being healthy and happy. As someone with a following on social media, I have decided to share some ideas on how I keep myself motivated physically and emotionally. 

I am 22 years old. I was born and raised in Dallas Tx. I graduated High School back in 2017 and now I am in college studying for Nursing! As a kid I grew up playing such a competitive sport, which was soccer. I had been playing for about 12 years. I had such a passion for it! Starting off rec and moving my way up to select and still playing high school soccer made me such an active person. I committed most of my time in soccer practice and in my studies. After graduating from high school, I gave soccer a break because of a minor injury. I became a full-time student and got my first job ever! My first job was at a secondary-hand retail store where basically you can sell your clothes and shop for used yet cute clothing. After some time of working there, a huge idea came to me. I noticed I would pass all day doing what I love which was consulting fashion to new people every day and well with my knowledge in business and in fashion I decided to start up my very own business!


I launched Halo Boutique in the Fall of 2018, ever since then I have been busy in finding new fashion trends and sharing them all with you guys! My main focus was to find the cutest trends! As a college student I am big on savings and I know when shopping other stores could be pricey, I wanted to make sure I could provide what most people would enjoy, cute fashion for the right price! 

Being a business owner has brought me so much joy but missing out on soccer has really taken a toll on me. In Summer 2019 I discovered a new passion which was working out! I was raised being such an athletic person and I noticed being away from soccer for three years had changed my body in ways I couldn't imagine. Back when I played soccer, I remember my legs always being so strong. I was able to run without getting tired easily, my immune system was strong. But with so much time off I knew I had to change my ways and find something beneficial for my body and my health. 

I began weightlifting and eating healthier foods. I cut off meat and became a Pescatarian in August 2019. With research I have found and the experience I have gained, I decided to share with you guys some tips and tricks to help you strive for a better you! In my new blog I will be sharing my day-to-day workouts, meals and talking to you all. Not only will I be sharing my fitness journey, I will also be sharing tips about beauty and lifestyle! I am super excited about this new project and how it can benefit all of us! I will be taking personal messages if you have any and will be here to support you! 

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